Graphic and Web Design

Greetings, Bonjour, and Konnichiwa

Imajendesigns is a company with a lot of heart and even more imagination. A graphic design firm situated in Kelowna, BC. Print, logo, and web design; Branding and Corporate Identity are all in a day’s work. Imajendesigns can give you that perfect custom website, one that reflects who your business is and what you’re about. We can brand your new company with an image that tells your clients everything they need to know about you, without even having to ask. Call 1-250-801-7820 to book an appointment



Everything but the kitchen sink.

Kelowna Branding


Logo, business name, brand stragies etc...

Kelowna Print


Business cards, letterheads, postcards, booklets etc...

Kelowna Websites


Websites, wordpress, CMS, facebook pages, SEO etc...

Kelowna Ilustration


Hand drawn graphics, vetcor images etc...